Collage Workshop with Rochelle Rice – September 9, 2024


18 spots still available

18 spots still available

What do you do with all those little scraps of fabric you’ve collected over the years?  I turn them into collage quilts. It differs from traditional quilting because you don’t have to worry about rules; anything goes. Suddenly, a petal on a flower becomes a feather on a bird.

This is a one-day workshop:

  • Monday, September 9, 2024, 10:00 AM–5:00 PM

Rochelle Rice co-hosts the wildly popular and top-rated Tulsa-based podcast “Inappropriate Quilters.” Alongside Leslie Bercher, Rice brings a wealth of knowledge, humor, and personality to the show, which has gained a dedicated following of listeners worldwide. Their podcast features all things quilting, with a few things inappropriate. Rice has a warm and engaging personality, and her chemistry with Bercher is undeniable. Together, they create a dynamic and entertaining show that keeps listeners returning episode after episode. If you’re a fan of quilting or just looking for a fun and engaging podcast to listen to, “Inappropriate Quilters” is not to be missed; thanks in no small part to the delightful Rochelle Rice.

In addition to the workshops, participants will have access to the amenities and services offered by Osage Hills Retreat, including comfortable accommodations and stunning natural surroundings. There will also be plenty of opportunities for socializing and networking. A limited number of overnight accommodations are available for out-of-town individuals taking both the collage and pet portrait classes.

Registration is nonrefundable. It is transferrable.

Please download the Supplies List here.